My week

Is very good.

I just got into MIT Sloan Business School. They called me this morning. Of course the first reaction is disbelief... then I remembered McWing's episode on how she though others were playing jokes on her by calling her and telling her she got into Harvard Graduate School of Design. No joke here. I recognized the MIT phonenumber and braced for impact!

I skied last weekend, all 3 days. Awesome ski conditions. I think Iimproved slightly.

Tonight I play basketball.

Like I said. My week is very good.



As my applications draw to a close, I feel like a free man. Some movies that I have been able to see while squeezing all sorts of minutes out of my schedule. And some other thoughts. In sequence:

A truly phenomenal movie. Don't watch it with a wife, girlfriend, or date. Just don't. I just noticed that I have to mention all three stages now...! Anyway, the story is incredible. For those who liked "12 Nights," "Closer" would be the more realistic and dark version of the movie. Good performances all around and good story. If it weren't for another movie I just saw, I'd say it is the best. Without spoiling the movie for those who haven't seen it (You can't really spoil it anyway), the movie just talks about deception and lies in a relationship. And love and trust. Human beings are very simple and non-sophisticated animals, yet we are able to make even the most simple situation complicated.

Kung Fu
A masterpiece for Chow Sing Chi. In terms of special effects. Otherwise, it is a movie made for the China market: simple simple plot, a few funny spots, a lot of ooohs and aaaahs. I'd recommend it. But with caution.

Meet the Fockers
Funniest movie I've seen all year (mind you, I saw it in 2004). Once again proving that good actors can make good movies. Dustin Hoffman is hilarious. Always liked him.

Very good movie as well. I guess independent films should have higher standards, but I'll still rate it high. Better than "Closer." Gabriel, this may be too late, but it's a movie about a man who is about to get married and a man who cannot let go of his divorce. mmm. Don't see it with a wife, girlfriend, or date. Maybe not the best idea... if you like wine this is a great movie. if you don't, there's a great lesson to be learned. Kaleen didn't like the hero in the movie. I sympathize with him a lot. There are so many things that add up in a person's life (wine) that you just have to be very careful in dealing with it. If not, you spoil the person (wine) in its peak.

Other insights...
Watched a few previews before watching "Sideways," including Million (british movie), Rwanda Hotel (independent film). Looked extremely good. Made me think about why Hollywood movies (such as Fockers) are so mindless and useless in the world. The films made outside of the States are so much more well made and well thought out. It's amazing and extremely sad that Hollywood is where the money is. Perhaps it is just the market of USA that makes money, not the idea of Hollywood? Or is it true that you have to make your money through dumb ideas that appeal to millions?

More on level of audience - Asia style.

China Chinese/Thai/SE Asia - unsophisticated, looking for entertainment, no plot twists, simple and straight forward, fast pace, demand brandnames

Korea - unsophisticated, entertainment, some plot twists, simple story, same point over and over again, slower pace, demand brandnames, will tolerate with good entertainment.

Japan/Hong Kong - somewhat sophisticated, entertainment, plot twists, diversity, different paces, brandname important, but movie more important.

Independent film: sophisticated, twists, diversity, paces, no brandname, maybe entertaining, whatever the director likes.

Somehow, I am depressed.