Prayer Wheels Posted by Picasa

Picture I took in Tibet. The week before, I was in Philippines visiting my bed-ridden grandmother. Since there wasn't much to do other than accompanying her to the hospital and eating lots of fresh food, I spent most of my free time writing my own website. That's right: with home page and travel page and all that good stuff. Right now, I'm learning how to use Picasa (I love google products. I'm not Ben, I swear) and Hello along with this Blog site. Very convenient so far.


It's been two years...

July 23rd, a day my family will always remember. We visited Alan this morning. I went back home with my parents after dropping James off for an mock SAT test. Anyway, a blog happened. I went back to emails and other writings that I wrote immediately after Alan's passing away. There were a lot. I suppose I recorded them then for a reason... I cannot remember what it was. Nonetheless, a blog is where I want them to be now. So, two years after Alan (AA2? As opposed to AD2005), the blog is born. A website should follow, and that is when I'd tell people about the blog.



At least I survived the Tibet trip... I will put the details of the trip on a website with all the pictures. Must do this before I leave Hong Kong!