I got admitted to University of Chicago GSB... just yesterday I was
almost sure I was going to MIT. How life changes within a phone call!

Random thoughts:
Sometimes, no choice is a good choice.
Human mind is funny, I've been convincing myself that MIT is the best
possible situation with the best fitting program for me. Now it's
trying to convince me anything away from Boston trumps MIT.
I can watch the Bulls play ball!
The Bulls!

I have a weird vibe from the people I've met at Chicago...


Somethings never change...

I'm almost accepted that I will be spending another two years in Boston, going to MIT Sloan. No complaints, obviously, but just slightly disappointed that I couldn't go to sunny SF.

Anyway, met up with Ben Luk at his hotel two days ago to transport him to McWing's home. Our first conversation. Some things never change:

Me: Dim ah, lei?
Ben: noise
Me: Mut yeh wah?
Ben: noise
Me: Can applicants even understand you?
Ben: Yes.
Me: Really...?
Ben: Diu. Noise.
Me: Mut yeh wah?


Reality: I've been working on creating a table for our clients lately... the numbers are hard to get so I've been working a lot in the office to get them. Anyway, I found a short cut to the problem and did it.

Dream: Walking by the CEO's office, I overheard my boss talking with the CEO, basically indicating that Eric seemed to have use some shortcuts that were wrong. The tables are out and the clients are pissed. I panic. I FLED to the top floor of the building, hiding in a shaded corner. Somehow, our HR person was able to track me down and bring me back down to the office, where I meet with the CEO, my boss, and a bunch of analysts in a meeting room. The CEO fired me, said I was careless and wrong, and then indicated that she would retract her recommendation for MIT and make sure I don't get into any school. I cry and I beg for forgiveness.

Reality: I woke up, sweating profusely and obviously stressed out. At 5 am.

Damn work.


A series of unfortunate events

More MBA news. I sent in "extra material" to Chicago and they decided to interview me (after refusing to do so the last 4 months!). Still waiting for Stanford, though chances are smaller as time passes.

I visited MIT last weekend. Basically it's the school's sales pitch to us, so they bring out the best professors, the best speakers, the best students and try and wow us. On the other hand, there's also the people who attended the event, my potential future classmates. Obviously a very impressive list of young people. I wonder if thinking everybody else is so much smarter than myself a common phenomenon for all people? I don't think my work requires a lot of intelligence, and I defintely know that I'm not very smart (see A-Math results from HK, haha!)... but somehow people at MIT think I'm smart and my job is cool. Meanwhile, I think they are very very smart and I'm just lucky to be there with them. It was a weird feeling.

Some after comments on MIT. It's obviously a good school... but it also impressed me in other ways. The people are great. All very down to earth and adventurous. Numerous activities for students to keep them busy. Generally, although I am bored with Boston, MIT will make staying in the city a little less painful. Despite being in Boston, going to business school, I think, would give you a completely different perspective on the city.

You know, at first I wanted to talk about bad things, but now I don't anymore. In short: report due on Tuesday, so I planned to move my apartment on Wed. (New address, by the way: 90 Summer St Apt 2, Somerville, MA 02143. Same as McWings) Boss said everything is fine, so I didn't even plan to work that much. Friday night, stuff blow up and I have to come in on Sunday (Saturday I was at MIT). Got sick on Sunday (from MIT, I think). Damn, this isn't short! All day Monday working franctically. Tuesday come in at 7am, report not going out, delayed a day. Work all day Tuesday. I STILL HAVEN'T PACKED MY APT! All night working. 3am, got home, pack some more, 6:30am back in office for meeting. 12pm I absolutely had to leave to office to move apt. 6 pm done. back to work till 9 pm. report delayed again. back to
new apartment to unpack till 12am. got in this morning at 8am to continue finished up the report. It's out now. I think. Hence I can email.