Blogging again - Movie Series

In no particular order...

3 Idiots: if you overlook the simple premise and predictable plot, it's a thoroughly enjoyable movie with likable characters. And I added one sentence to arguments at home: All is Well. Recommended.

The Fighter: the pirated DVD has been sitting at home for a while... it's a pretty good movie and I see how Oscar would bless it. Love the Southee accents from both Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. Totally believable. Great inspiring movie overall. Recommended.

One Day: I recognized Edinburgh right away. Then it was all London and all downhill. The book must be much better than the movie. Not recommended.

Transformers 3: Saw this on the plane... and glad I never had to pay to see a 3D version. Just a lot of metal robots messing around with each other. I don't need to fork up HKD150 for it. Anyway, I get to see my old home in Chicago go up in flames... other than that, Transformers 3 was just a lot of metal moving around. Not recommended. Oh, and just to be clear, I prefer Megan Fox.

Fast and Furious 5: dumbass plot with dumbass actors and actresses but with tons of over the top action. Sure, why not? Love the Brazilian bad guy. After checking IMDB, I can confirm his only role in US movies is being a drug lord (Desperado, Clear and Present Danger, and I'm not sure who he was in Behind Enemy Lines, but let's just assume he was a bad drug lord there too). How do you ever top that one!!?? Recommended.

Too Big to Fail: I read the book first, and the movie doesn't miss a beat at all. I wanna get Paulson's take on the movie (apparently he was spoke at Booth this past Monday... too bad I missed that by a day!). Much better than Inside Job, IMHO. And Paul Giamatti's impersonation on Bernanke was awesome. On the flip side, the actor who played Warren Buffet was not. Couldn't you get Buffet to play Buffet!? I'm pretty sure he'd say yes! Highly recommended (and the book is highly highly highly recommended)

Goodfellas: why I haven't seen this classic from start to finish is beyond myself. Highly recommended.

I think there were a few more movies that I saw on my (coach) flight from Hong Kong to New York, but I don't remember already... guess they weren't worth it. And today I'm heading back from Chicago, so looking forward to a few more!


Blogging again - Concert series

Although I am old and boring, I actually do stuff outside of work. The PNW and I went to three concerts (the forth, Paramount, was not to be...):

James Blunt: PNW downloaded all his music to my iPhone (thank you, QQ music) and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought... EFFING HIGH!!!!!!

Khalil Fong 方大同... sad to say, I didn't know his songs as well. Got free front seat tickets from Tencent so we scrambled to download the music and learn the lyrics. His encore song PNW knew well so that made it all worth it (I think... as in it was a free ticket after all!)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: hard core band with hard core fans. I knew maybe 30% of the songs and I'm pretty sure everybody else in the concert knew 150%. Awesome crowd made the concert much more enjoyable otherwise.
Linkin Park -nuff said. I actually enjoyed the concert but "my friend" with much higher standards thought it was pretty bad. Clearly not everybody at the concert knew the songs and I think therein lied the problem. Was quite a contrast to RHCP where all the hard core fans showed up. And, uh, one of the concert t-shirts didn't have Hong Kong (WHAT!?)... come on guys, the least you can do is print right t-shirts for those who pay for them!
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