Robuchon lunch

Robuchon (HK, La Jardine) should never disappoint, and it doesn't. Birthday lunch deal was a pretty reasonable one. The main course was better than the ones we've had in Macao. The amuse and appetizer were really good (but hey, you can't beat Macao's shaved foie gras) and the dessert was a plus even though we didn't have room for the dessert cart.

I don't have a picture of the bread, but it goes without saying that Robuchon's bread may well be the best in Hong Kong. Not that I go around the island and taste bread from all bakeries, but the best bread I've had before the bacon roll was... well... the bacon roll from more than a year ago!

Amuse: Bacon foam with port. Yes, you read that right. Bacon foam with port. Maybe I need to type it again: BACON FOAM WITH PORT! Delicious and a great start.

Appetizer: King Crab Tower with Avocado. The chilled tomato sauce had a slight kick to it and really complemented the crab's freshness and the avocado's richness. The almond, however, had a slight bitterness and was too crisp for the dish. Overall very good.

Both Robuchons (Hong Kong, Macao) have main dishes that don't quite step up from their excellent amuse and appetizers. Medium rare teppenyaki pork, perfectly cooked and with good juiciness, tenderness, and flavors. While I didn't care too much for the sauce, it wasn't bad either. The stuffed sausage (foreground) was not as good though. Still, better than Macao. 

Wife loved the salmon. I'm luke warm on it... 

I did mention it was a birthday lunch, right? Happy birthday to me...!

This is caramel mousse with honey ice-cream, on top of a bed of mangoes (below the mousse - you only see the ice cream here). Presentation wise maybe the chocolate ring they love so much kind of distracts you a little bit. I love the taste of it though. Very well thought out. Awesome dessert. 

The mango... cus it looks pretty.

Good experience overall. The service was impeccable (sadly, a bit surprising because HK service at top notch restaurants have always been a bit suspect!) and really made us feel that we are pampered. They were both everywhere and nowhere, if you know what I mean. They even had their own DSLR to take our obligatory birthday picture for us and gave us the hard copy and sent the soft copy shortly after.

The lunch tasting menu (app+main+dessert) was less that USD 100 per so that's a pretty good deal! 

Oh, and the lighting was great. The bar room could be a little dark for photography, but the main dining room, elegantly separated by a glass door, is a refreshing space with plenty of sunlight.

Highly recommended.