I wish

Belize, good times.

My first mid term in N years, not good times.

I wish we were still in Belize!Posted by Picasa


Oh Flowers

While skeptical about long distance orders of flowers... I think this one turned out pretty well! Posted by Picasa

Red and White

So, let's settle this once and for all. I AM A RED SOX FAN. PLEASE, no more White Sox questions Oh, you want proof? Here:

Game 1, World Series, White Sox vs Astros. I was at a bar with some GSBers. Here's what I did: I glanced at the TV when someone in the bar cheered. I watched the last two innings. And I ate a boat load of wings.

As I recall from last year, I never took my eyes off the TV for the Red Sox-Yankees series (Had to mention it, I feel good just thinking about it) and the World Series. No way.

Well, I'd like the White Sox to win, so my karma can continue. But that's where the puck stops. It's been a year since Red Sox won the World Championship. A YEAR!


Clarification on Free Beer

A third person asked me why I put the GSB's picture with a title of free beer. Here goes the story: on one fine afternoon, I sat in the Winter Garden doing homework for operations. And then I was offered some beer. AND I SAID NO THANKS! What has business school done to me!?Luckily...

After coming to my senses, I took the beer and continued on homework. Let me just say that operations homework became easier after the beer!



Man, this is getting ridiculous. I've got so much work lined up! Five classes, one project. Too bad can't really turn back time, so it's suck it up and grind it out. Recruiting season started and everybody is getting nervous. Perhaps I should be too!



Life Events

I sit in the car, and tears are coming to my eyes
I am driving alone on a quiet highway
I start the car
I get resume reviews from a classmate
We leave the restaurant
I say "Well, on the bright side, I did finish my homework today"
Someone tells the story of acquaintances catching planes of doom
Someone tells the story of acquaintances missing planes of doom
Someone tells the story of surviving the Asian Tsunami ordeal
Someone tells the story of going to work and therefore not surviving 911
Someone tells the story of missing work and therefore surviving 911
Someone tells the story of fleeing the World Trade Center
Someone tells the story of seeing people leap from the World Trade Center
We agree that 911 was one of the strangest days in our lives
Someone tells the story of selling a dot com business the day before 911
Someone tells the story of loosing a lot of money... by lack of luck
Someone tells the story of making a huge profit just in time... by luck
Someone tells the story of choosing the wrong telecommunication stock
Someone tells the story of losing $8K on a telecommunication stock
Someone tells the story of reading a "How to play Options" book and costing him big time
Food is finished
I do not tell my most traumatic life experience
I say my most traumatic life experience must be around 12
Someone says the most traumatic life experience happened between 28 and 30
Someone says the most traumatic life experience happened around early 30s
Food comes
Someone tells the story of living off credit cards because of debt
Someone tells the story of gambling on margins and losing his life savings
Someone tells the story of gambling on margins and losing $25K
Someone says that when recruiting season dies down, we will all become day traders
Someone says scandals will be prevalent by the end of the winter quarter.
More scandal stories. In all business schools.
Someone tells the story of relationship scandals in school. Gets everybody's attention.
We sit down at the table and make small talk.
I arrive at the restaurant..


Picture of Belize from the airplane! Posted by Picasa


Belize, Pissed, and Red Sox

Here's one picture from Belize. More willcome to my website if I:
1. Learn how to update my flash website
2. Get other pictures from my Belize buddies

Oh... I'm still pissed at Chicago in general. But looking on the bright side, the tow place was close to my home and very clean. I remember Boston tow places located in dangerous dumps with no maintenance whatsoever. I think the idea was that hopefully you will need a realignment by the time you retrieve your car.

Red Sox lost... went down in flames, really. it was a decent year to enjoy. A team that never was the same as last year, both in terms of character and ability.

Waterfalls (2 of Five Sisters) at Belize Resort Posted by Picasa


Murphy's Law

It all started with dinner at 930. I signed up for a U of C dinner party thing for $20. And then they served us with some take out Italian food. Anyway... the party was okay and I did meet some people. But $20!?

$10 cover charge for a bar!? I paid and stayed for 10 minutes. After a rum and coke, I was on the way out.

Drove to another bar. Parked. Had a beer. Back to my car. It's FREAKING gone! Towed.

$160 parking ticket.

$50 ticket.

I think I hate Chicago now.


Alan's Brithday

He'd be 24 now...

And I look forward to all the good and bad moments today. I'm so busy with business school these days. Funny how I can always find time to grief, but I can't find time to have fun. Isn't that one of the biggest ironies in life? We spend our lives seeking meaning and happiness, yet what our natural instincts focus only on sad events - the brain thinks (knows?) that that is the most important.

On ESPN, the program ran a special on a kid - a Notre Dame fan - who was dying from a brain tumor. The mother said she felt "so selfish for wanting him to live" because he "wanted to be with the angels." Perhaps one day I will reach that stage.


National Day!?

Well, what do you know... it's October 1st and nobody made a fuss in Chicago. National Day, baby! I almost didn't notice that it was October already!