My First Week at the GSB

Wow, I've been warned many times... this is what transpired in my first week of classes:

Thursday: wake at 6, school at 8, microeconomics class at 830, lunch at 1130, home at 430, failed package pick-up at 6, furniture pick-up at 630, dinner at 730, TNDC (Thursday Night Drinking Club) at 1000...

Friday: sleep at 1, wake at 8, package pick-up at 11, haircut at 12, school at 1, regression class at 130, LPF (Liquidity Preference Function) at 430, Regents Park at 7, killer card game at 930...

Saturday: wake at 8, school at 9, club presentations at 930, home at 3, TV fixed at 5, dinner in Chinatown at 730, Regents Park at 9, poker game at 10...

Sunday: second place in poker game at 230, home at 3, sleep at 330, wake at 11, football/baseball/homework/reading at 12, success with baseball and football... not much with the rest. Sleep at 11.

Monday: wake at 6, school at 8, operations class at 830, lunch at 12, regression homework at 1, accounting assignment at 3, study group for regression at 430, dinner at 8, home at 9, accounting assignment at 930, resume update at 11, application for BSG (Business Solution Group) at 12...

Tuesday: sleep at 1, wake at 6, school at 8, accounting class at 830, lunch at 12, LEAD assignment at 1, LEAD class at 130, resume update and application for BSG at 430, pub with LEAD classmates at 530, home at 730, microeconomics homework at 830, operations homework at 10...

Wednesday: sleep at 130, wake at 830, school at 10, study group for operations at 10, lunch at 12, study group for operations at 1230, study group for microeconomics at 300, home at 7, dinner at 830, study group for microeconomics at 1000...

Thursday: sleep at 1. And here ends my first week... way too much stuff going on with way too little time!


Almost over...

My first official week at the GSB is almost over. I will recap my week end of tonight... not looking good, that's all I can say!


Mid Autumn Festival Gathering Posted by Picasa

Well, after multiple bidding rounds, I got what I wanted. Well, almost. And hey, if you want some action: Monday morning Operations, Tuesday morning Accounting, Wednesday off, Thursday morning Microeconomics, and Friday afternoon Regression. Having some butterflies for my first class in... oh, I don't know, five years?


Better late than never...

Help Katrina victims here. So sad to see New Orleans in its current state. Kaleen and I had a lot of fun at the Big Easy. Maybe a bit too much fun. It's a fun city with the best live music you can find in the US.

Hurricane, ironically New Orleans' most famous drink Posted by Picasa


The Road to...

Railroad to Lhasa Posted by Picasa
This picture sort of reflects my sentiments for school right now: long, continuous, and an existing destination that I have yet to see. Today is the second to last day in orientation and school will start in a couple of days. I'm pretty sure the rails aren't going to be straight for me, but at least I can aspire for such a road and make it happen.


BID it!

Today at orientation, we all learnt about the UCBS, or Unnecessarily Complicated Bidding System. In a few days, I'll see if my understanding of the system works for my desired schedules and classes. I'm struggling a bit between 3 and 4 classes, but 4 seems to be the way since I (probably) don't have to worry about recruiting in the Fall quarter.

Anyway, still struggling with this bidding system.


Wedding Crasher...

Man, I've never laughed so hard in my life... okay, rephrase: I've haven't laughed so hard in my life for a long long time! Excellent movie except for the last 10 to 20 minutes when they ran out of jokes and made it a chick flick. But that's okay. Hilarious movie.

The theaters were showing Crash (Movie that explores racism) again. I love that movie. Absolutely positively love it. Go see it.

Off to White Sox game now. Yup, that's right: baseball games are part of orientation!


Back in Chicago

Just returned from a three day trip to Geneva Lake, Wisconsin for GSB's orientation. Fun trip, highlighted by a high ropes course and more alcohol consumption. There were a couple of team building activities as well, which I thought were extremely useful. Definitely worth another try. Let see, what did I learn: loud hot heads can still be a benefit.

Anyway, it's nice to be back in Chicago.



It's 5:30 am and I've already showered and ready to leave home. Well, it's only natural to ask "WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU UP SO EARLY!?" I ask myself too. There's a business school outdoor leadership thingy in Wisconsin that requires us to be at school by 6:00 am and then be bus-ed over to the Wisconsin. Argggggg.


2 in 1

Well... I tried to post yesterday and didn't realize I didn't publish it. Here goes again.



Yay, I stayed dry for two days. Hm, let me see, what was the difference...? No hanging out with business school students! haha.

On home improvement, I got myself a kitchen rolling cart for my rediculous cabinet-poor kitchen. I think I've also found my coffee table/foot rest from Jennifer Convertibles. No bookcase and media rack yet. No sofa either.


The Streak

Chicago is obviously treating me "well"... last night (Thursday) was my 13th consecutive drinking day/night. At this rate, I'll become an alcoholic before school even starts (Sept 26). I'm also going to be downing 40 shots a night (every week, I've added 2 drinks to my night) by the end of the quarter (10 weeks). Ah, the life of a business school student!

Not sure how long this is going to last. Some students already know about my "streak" and there's peer pressure that's mounting. You got to think, however, that it's got to end somehow! I was hungover at accounting class (and late) today. By the way, accounting is still boring even if you have the best instructor.

Accounting class will be over today. Orientation starts next week. Good times.