Switching from Google to Steve Jobs

Finally, I gave in and dumped my old ass Google G1 phone and got an iPhone4. Well, more like my wife was sick of me hogging hers to play games so she got me my own instead. Now we can both play games at the same time and cease conversation once and for all. Technology, it's great.

The G1 and iPhone4 are of course no comparison... the Apple product is clearly the champion of smartphones... for now. Apple products, however, have a way to piss you off. The iPod, for example, still baffles me why I cannot simply drag and drop MP3s from a folder to the iPod.

Here's problem #1 with iPhone4:

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Yup, I'm ghetto, and the iPhone4 is sleek and chic and cool. I have 4 Sim Cards - HK, China, Thailand, and US. And they all fitted nicely into my G1. iPhone 4 is so nice and small it doesn't allow for any ghetto Sim Card storage.

Problem #2: like all normal tech savvy people, I use Google to manage my emails, my contacts, and my calendar. G1 was perfect in every way because it was designed to do just that. iPhone4, on the other hand, dislikes that very much. I synced email and calendar via Gmail, but contacts needed to be done via Exchange, but only after you disable Gmail. Say what!? Luckily wife has done this once and guided me back to the enlightened path.

Problem #3: iPhone4 also dislikes you trying to customize anything in a non-Apple way. In Google Contacts, for example, you can customize names for numbers, such as "Call this number after 10pm." A more practical use is that I name one of my contacts "Lawyer" and customize to "Criminal" and "Document" so I know which one to call. Well, those numbers won't appear on the iPhone4, unless you change it back to "Mobile" "Home" or "Office" cus those are the only 3 possible places where you would have a phone number associated...

Anyway, I'm done bitching. Where did I move the Angry Bird Rio icon...?