2 months after G+ launched...

Admittedly I got really excited about G+ when it first came out. I'm still excited about it even though its really lost its steam. As a former consultant and current tech strategist, I've monitored some of my own behavior:
  • I get notifications much faster on G+ than I do from Facebook (Web bar rules)
  • I spend less and less time on G+ because I don't have enough friends on them
  • But the posts on G+ are more relevant for me... partly because I'm in tech
  • I also spend less and less time on Facebook because I have to split time with G+
  • I'm getting bored with Facebook
  • I post on both networks now...
  • Posts where I am seeking advice (Kindle recs) get better responses on G+
  • But none of my advice seeking posts were shared...
  • Posts where I am eavesdropping (Over the border) get better responses from my closer friends on G+
  • Posts where I am just sharing interesting bits in life also get better responses from my closer friends on G+, though they get more responses on Facebook

I wrote this a week ago and forgot to post it... here's an addition since G+ added games and Google acquired Motorola: it feels more and more like a community for Google and ex-Google employees and techies. I see 1500 comments for Larry Page, Satyajeet's lovefest with G+ games, a few comments on how G+ is quite boring, and that's about it.

Apparently combining all types of social activities is not enough, you still need a social graph that engages each other. And, guess what, I'm working at a place that has all that. Tencent! Now if they can only figure this out better than Google.

Anyway, the wars continues...