United Food

Food on United flights have always served as a good reminder that I am leaving Hong Kong. Per usual, they were awful but plentiful. I ate all four meals/snacks offered, not leaving anything on the plate. Not good times.

Back in Chicago now. Fittingly, it was snowing rather heavily (yes yes, by Hong Kong standards) when we landed. The plane swerved one way and the other... no biggie.

Yet another reminder that I am back in Chicago: we waited 30 minutes before the luggage came out. =)

Now... it's prepare for school and recruiting.



Just spend an night at Cheung Chau with a bunch of old friends. Still as fun as ever. Surprisingly survived the overnight stay without any sleep. And played bball at 645 am.

I shall miss Hong Kong when I go back to Chicago.


Back in Hong Kong

Back in Hong Kong after a one week trek to Beijing... I guess the move towards China is inevitable, and I might as well brace myself for this:

Polution: check.
Rudeness: check.
Traffic: check.
Good food: check.
Cheap everything: check.
Dynamic market place: check.



Phew... glad I don't have to worry about the 4Cs...!

This day to day pledge has failed miserably. I can only blame myself.

Beijing has been interesting so far. Say what you want about China, but this is definitely the world's most intriguing economic region. Even as a Chinese, I am absolutely blown away by the opportunities and the developments in Beijing and Shanghai. You hear a lot, but until you see it, you really don't realize the reality (great, my English has gone way South) of it!


Queen of the Rings

Her engagement ring covers her finger. Nice.

The ensuing discussion with a friend concluded that "we need to find gals who aren't just looking for rich people (RP) to marry" (we being the NRP and all)

The ensuing discussion from that ensuing discussion concluded that "limitations in social circle does not create limitations in choice of marriage"... or, in English, "Even though you hang out with RP only, you may still be 'able' to choose a NRP to marry"

And the hilarious part is my argument. Hey, I'm apparently learning from my MBA...
1. I am a NRP.
2. ABC is a RP and hangs out with mostly RP.
ABC will not reject me due to my NRP status.
4. I am the "worst" NRP
ABC knows.
Conclusion: There exists a chance where
ABC will date/marry a "worse" NRP.

So among our circle of friends, my friend and I came to the ultimate conclusion that the situation isn't that desperate, that not all the people we know from Boston date money... anyway, whatever.


Cold Weather Warning!

At 12C... or 56F...

...... it's Hong Kong, what can I say.

I saw the protesters on foot today. Rather amusing. One guy says WTO is worse than bird flu. The real scary part is that he believes it.

They are everywhere

It's supposed to be winter break, but I don't feel that way yet. Every day is something about recruiting, something about the Beijing Trek, something about HK Bank Week, something about school.

As usual, the HK media blasted the police for using too much force against WTO protestors... after blasting them for not doing enough to keep the peace. Thanks for reporting, guys.

On the bright side, the glue worked and our pavements have been kept in tact.


Once a day...

Sometimes it can be rather challenging to find something to post at 330am. I'm doing this because I pledged so.

Ah, pollution. I felt dizzy going out on the streets. Maybe this is why the economy is booming. KEEP THEM IN THE SHOPS!

WTO meetings are rolling around. Security is heightened. I hope my Korean classmates won't be mistaken for Korean protestors. The news says the Hong Kong police have GLUED the bricks on the pavements so the protestors cannot throw them at the police. Good tactic. Good tactic. Korean protestor leader (why are they getting a bad rap anyway? there are many more other protestors!) responds: since they glued the bricks, we will find another way to protest, maybe a way never used before. HMMMMM...


Post Finals

Well, if there's one golden lesson you learn from business school, it is this: you will feel guilty about any idle time. So what did I do the day after? Cover letters, recuiting emails, company research... these seem worse than classes themselves!

I'm finally heading back to Hong Kong. Looking forward to this break. Oh, and I'll try and make a post every day. Something simple that touched my soul. Here it is:

I watched Syriana last night. It was quite boring and disjointed, so I fell asleep every now and then. At the end of the movie, I was lost and had no idea what was going on. Anyway, while not feeling that good about spending $8.50 to take a nap, I wasn't feeling too bad. It was, after all, a nice nap. Funny thing is, EVERYBODY coming out of the theater was saying "when did you fall asleep/wake up?" haha.

Well, my immediate reaction was: wow, this is just like class...!



Done. $12000 well spent.


Shocking parallels...

In my kichen, there lies two bags of chip (one half consumed), Reese's Pieces, granola bars, and Chips Ahoy... you know what's up? (and if you don't, see my earlier post...)

It's GSB final week.

Guess what it reminds me of... none other than Hong Kong! There are shocking parallels here: both count for a substantial percentage of your final grade, both places administer difficult or impossible exams, both exams are designed to humble me, both succeed, both make me depressed... and both don't matter in the future.

One glaring difference: GSB has a curve and grade non-disclosure. I'm so glad those are the differences. At least I feel like I learned a lot of useful things... though the exams have certainly not reinforced that idea.


oh man oh man

Per usual, Picasa and Blogger don't work THAT well together. Two lost paragraphs. Oh well.

Finals are up. Monday Operations, Tuesday Accounting, Wednesday Regression, Thursday Microeconomics. Good times, as witnessed with this picture from our student film festival, are long gone.

Speaking of which, next quarter I should be tentatively taking: Tuesday Managing the Workplace, Wednesday Marketing Strategy, Thursday Competitive Strategy. Posted by Picasa