Top 10... not quite... movies

10 - Indiana Jones: I swear, typing about this makes me feel dumb. On the bright side, I didn't pay a dime for the movie (on flight) and it did give me some sleep. Why Steven Spielberg let his name be used in connection with this movie is beyond me. Not recommended.

9 - Body of Lies: Sure, it's sexy when you say Russel Crowe and Leonardo Dicaprio together. But if you fly them back and forth between 10 cities in the world and flash the new city's name for less than a second and expect the audience to follow everything, you're dreaming. Oh, and Russel Crowe gained about 100 pounds from his Gladiator days. Not so good for Mrs. Crowe. Not recommended.

8 - Hulk: Look, I'm a huge huge huge Edward Norton fan. But I can't stand him doing movies like these: slightly soulless (half empty) with some slight action (half full). Like it or not, The Hulk is about action. Perhaps Norton is the right man to play the conflicted Banner... if only Banner never turned green and kept being emotional. We can have a movie about that and Norton can truly shine. By the way, Tim Roth is awesome, and whoever is playing General Ross sucks. Not recommended.

7 - Fracture: Anthony Hopkins is creep as usual. The movie is completely predictable. I'll even spoint it for you: I immediately noticed the gun problem. And it takes a phone to remind you of that, Mr Big Shot Lawyer and Detective!? I even had the double jeapardy (I miss you, Ashley Judd, you need to stop going to Kentucky games and start making half naked movies) angle figured out once the wife died in the hospital. Yet... entertaining. Slightly recommended.

6 - Cars: Predictable cartoon where hot shot race car is lost in the middle of nowhere and befriends a bunch of losers... finally realizing there's more to racing in life and that his friends aren't losers. Realizes something bigger in life. Yadiyadiya. Slightly recommended.

5 - Hancock: First thing to clear up... this isn't a movie about Superheros. It's about destiny. Now if you have that expectation, maybe you might slightly enjoy the movie. You will, however, enjoy Charlize Theron. Anyway, back to the movie. It's quite ironic that when the Superheros get together, they slowly lose their powers. For all the other pairs, they chose to stay together, grow old, and die. That is the power of destiny to them. To Will Smith, he chooses the career of being a Superhero. And with that he has to stay away from his destiny... sad really. By the way, Mr. Director, why even have a felon in the movie? It serves absolutely no purpose. Make it into a struggle between love and protecting the world... oh, I forgot, this is Hollywood and you always need a villain. Slightly recommended.

4 - Connected: this is a Chinese movie that's a remake of the Western Cellular. Not a bad movie at alll and kept me entertained most of the time. Kidnapped lady makes one last call to random man who must save her. Cliche, but it worked. I just wish people were smarter and use the police more rather than doing it all by themselves. (Sorry, I sometimes forget that I'm watching a movie) Slightly recommended.

3 - Iron Man: Robert Downing Jr!? I admit that was my first reaction. Then I watched it on my way to NYC and I thought he was the perfect prick to play the role! Thoroughly entertainly and kept me at the edge of my seat for 2 solid hours on the flight. (Oh, and he makes a strange appearance at the end of The Hulk...) More fight scenes please! Recommended for all the explosions and the very cool Iron Man outfit.

2 - Blood Diamond: Sadly, what I remember from this movie is the Mummy is playing a role that is not the mummy! Anyway, a fine performance for all involved despite DiCaprio's horrible horrible African accent. He must have practiced it many times, cus it was very annoying. Who knows, many they do speak like that. What I sincerely hope is that people take the fictional scenes in this movie and think seriously about what their vanity (in this case, for diamonds) has driven others (Sierra Leone warlords) to do. There's so much evil in Africa: wars, ethnic cleansing, child soldiers, slavery (ironic, ain't it), poverty. And the world looks around and is still in search for those big diamonds. Recommended.

1 - Kite Runner: there are many things you can learn from Kite Runner, one of the best movies I've seen this year (After Dark Knight, discussed first here, then here). Don't ever abandon friend. Don't be ashamed of who you are. Don't be ashamed of who your friends are. Don't give those who are ashamed of you or your friend anything to work with. You can't change them, but don't give them more reasons to be ashamed of you.

James, dad, and I had a mini discussion on why he went into Afganistan to save the child. (A) Guilt from his childhood days for not saving his friend. (B) Guilt from his father's actions. (C) Realizing how his father's and the general's condesending looks on him were exactly the ones that he cast (unsuspectingly) onto his friend.

I say (C). A person always reacts more strongly when he or she is subjected to the same prejudice and then will realize that it is wrong.


I apologize

To the Red Sox.

I actually switched off the ESPN browser in the top of the 7th inning when Paps gave up the 2-run single. Then something magical happened. The Red Sox roared all the way back to win the game on JD Drew (JD DREW!) ground rule double that scored Youk. Besides the game, the Sox also won the crucial momentum that they've been lacking all series.

Too bad I'm off to Shanghai Sunday morning and won't have the chance to enjoy Game 6.


Think you've seen it all!?

You'd think you've seen everything already... but then there's Sarah Palin as a potential Vice President!! I have to admit... I first saw the SNL skit and thought it was really funny but probably just more joke than reality. Then I saw the real thing (take your pick here - nothing taken out of context). MY GOD IT'S THE SAME SKIT!

I wonder how many foreign leaders are praying for a McCain win and heart attack? (Putin is probably practicing sky diving into Alaska and debating Palin) I've never been a big fan of Republicans, but I did have a lot of respect for McCain for putting his brain in front of "ideology". Seems like his brain was misplaced when he picked Palin. Two things need to happen: either Obama wins or Palin drops herself from the ticket.

In sports: competing for the World Series... DEVIL RAYS!? I'm telling you, this world is not the same anymore.

As the $700B failed in the House last Saturday, this is me on a junk trip.