Switch topics yet again. I went to do a body check up with the doctor closest to my office. She asked me many questions, including if I have any stress or depression. So I told her the whole thing about Alan and my family. I said personally I don't think I have any stress and I am not depressed. I have some recurring memories sometimes, but mostly I snap out of it within a few minutes. She went on to tell me that I should be careful and that it doesn't go away that easily. Since then, my week has been awful. I keep thinking of Alan and loosing concentration at work. My productivity is way down and I am always 'mo sum gay'. Don't worry, today, I actually felt great. More on that later.

So my question is... if I hadn't seen this doctor, maybe none of this 'downturn' would have happened. Makes me wonder if she actually screwed with my mind by talking about it!?

And I feel better cus Kaleen got a new job today. She's really happy about it and I think it's affecting me too.

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