Book Review 2

Finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie. Another very good book with a meaningful story. I'd recommend it.

My friend Ben says the book has a short effective (affected?) period: you will go back to normal life after reading the book. i.e. not that life changing. Yes, life does go on after reading books that talk about how to improve life and what should living life be like. I don't expect books to make an immediate impact on lives. But there will be a time that comes and something in your life will suddenly be relevant to something in the book. I promise that. For Tuesdays, it's a young man watching an old man die. As we age, that will happen to all of us as well. And I think it is at those moments that books we've read before come back to touch us.

Two books about the lessons of life and death. One teaching through life before death and the other life after death. I enjoyed both. Read them. Oh, and I already mailed three to my family in HK.Today, I went sailing after a nice brunch. Then came back to the office to study GMATs. Yet I cannot bring myself to full concentration... oh well. Two weeks before exam, and I don't have enough time to study.

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