Crazy Dude vs Stupid Dude

So. I was on the T (Boston's MTR, only about 50 years older, 20 times slower, 10 times less efficient, 3 times more dirty, 2 times as expensive, and 1.5 times ruder) on my way to work late morning. About 10 am, I'd say, so it wasn't very crowded. A big black man comes into the cabin and starts to talk to himself. Just a crazy dude that I've grown accustomed to seeing on the T. He talked about how he is a slave with money, and he can't use it because he is a slave, the world is fucked up, and whites discriminate against him. Crazy dude. Nobody cared. Nobody responded. He kept talking.

In comes a white dude on the next stop. He listens to this crazy dude and then starts to reason with him. I refer to this white dude as stupid dude. Anyway, the stupid dude starts reasoning with the crazy dude about how he is not a slave and he enjoys freedom as he speaks. Valid points, certainly. Bra-fucking-vo. But not to a crazy dude. Remember, he's crazy! Reasoning quickly a shouting match. A shouting match becomes a yelling match. A yelling match quickly escalates to agun fight. Nah, just wanted to see if you were paying attention. It became a profanity-laced screaming in your face type of thing.

At this point, every passenger on the T were dead silent and closely monitoring the situation. In case someone pulls out a gun or gets into a fight, we all know where to duck. Or how to grab the gun, for American cowboys. "This is Park Street, please transfer to the green line here." I got off as soon as possible and transfered to, what else, the green line.And so I ask, what is the moral of the story? It is this: the world can have a crazy dude. It can have a stupid dude. It cannot have both. That is, we can either have Saddam or Bush. Not both. You put them together, disaster ensues and people get scared and leave the arena.

Just thought it was funny how I immediately thought of those two.

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