Red and White

So, let's settle this once and for all. I AM A RED SOX FAN. PLEASE, no more White Sox questions Oh, you want proof? Here:

Game 1, World Series, White Sox vs Astros. I was at a bar with some GSBers. Here's what I did: I glanced at the TV when someone in the bar cheered. I watched the last two innings. And I ate a boat load of wings.

As I recall from last year, I never took my eyes off the TV for the Red Sox-Yankees series (Had to mention it, I feel good just thinking about it) and the World Series. No way.

Well, I'd like the White Sox to win, so my karma can continue. But that's where the puck stops. It's been a year since Red Sox won the World Championship. A YEAR!

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Anonymous said...

So what... After all, they are both sox.