Sleep and Work

What is it about sleep and work?

Last night, I came back to home feeling absolutley exhausted. I had a few emails that I need to send out. I had a virtual factory to look after. I had a meeting to prepare for. I had this. I had that. Well... I chose to sleep. At about 11pm, I believe, I fell asleep on my sofa. I had a few chances where I woke up, contemplated about working, and decided otherwise. At 1am, I woke, walked past my desk (two MSN messages flashing), and went to my bed.

Only to wake up in extreme guilt this morning... then I started doing work. Emails. Done. Factory. Done. Meeting. Screw the meeting. This. Done. That. Done.

How ironic is it that I slept to escape work, only to wake in guilt to finish work? I tell you, business school does weird things to the human mind.

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