Emirates A380 - How big is it really?

Side note for Emirates from my consultant mind: when I checked in at Emirates,they simply put me in zone F, which means zones A-E board first, then in zone G for the Dubai-Sao Paulo... and I had such high expectations of their services. The flight was good, the entertainment system was good, the service was very nice, and the food was horrendous. But I thought they missed a great chance to convert me from Cathay though.

Imagine if all gate agents asked "Sir/Madam, are you a frequent flier member on any other airlines?" If they find some Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Other exotic metal members, they immediately offer a new mileage card (fill in contact info first) and first time user privilege (upgrade, use of lounge, board first... all if available). Wouldn't you capture some new loyal-to-other-airlines customers right away? Instead, I get dumped to zone F and spent 20 minutes in line wondering why I didn't take the Cathay flight.

All in all, the Emirate experience was still a pretty good one. I also had the chance to ride on the A380... the bigness of it can only be appreciated by pictures... and unfortunately, I wasn't flying during the day so there really wasn't an opportunity to have the A380 against a 747 or 777 to get a good perspective on its size. I shall try anyway.

Here's one of the wing of a regular aircraft (Airplane nerds please tell me the model):

And this is the A380... I can't even get a picture of the whole wing of the A380! And it covers the whole Kenyan Airline AIRPLANE!

Otherwise, the inside is a bit of an anti-climax: it looks like all the Airbus internals, although it comes in 2 floors (I didn't get to go up...). The stairs, in case that would interest you.


Kwun Yi Kung said...

have you considered the "transaction cost" of educating all the check-in agent/boarding staff to say just what you suggested? getting them not to make any serious mistakes such as passport checking to avoid deporting upon arrival (among so many other cases) is already a big challenge!!! as far as i know, frequent flyers with a high-tier status do take the initiative to ask for upgrade of status in a new/other airline BEFORE they travel. well, of course, if you run an airline and can make your suggestion work, kudos to you.

But being put to Zone F, because you see yourself as a more important passenger than other people, then thinking it's the airline's fault is too much, in my opinion.

Josekin said...

LOL... no I didn't consider the transaction cost. But speaking from my experience, I COULD HAVE switched allegiance right there and then to Emirates. COULD HAVE. Perhaps airlines should all listen to their customers more - we are always right!

Maisie said...

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