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I'm sure we all feel the same way: the world is coming to an end, and it has all ironically started with Egypt (it being an ancient civilization and all), continued with chaos in Libya and other Middle Eastern / African countries, then concluded with earthquakes in China, Japan, and Burma / Thailand.

I remember reading a great BBC article about how the media will soon get over the "Facebook and Twitter - American innovations - helped the lower class Egyptians overthrow their dictator" angle and the only way you'll learn about what is happening in Egypt is through Al Jazeera (Their website which has Lybia on the cover but also their site on Egypt). Well, that's exactly what happened. Perhaps right now is when the Egyptians actually NEED our attention... but, alas, watching bombs drop in Libya is clearly more interesting. Just as a reminder, I came across this CNN article... food for thought.

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The Pretender said...

My view of the real problem:

It started as a class revolution, because of rising food costs, and the problem was actual survival.

The West, through FB, Twitter, and whatever else mainstream media, twisted it to be a democracy vs. dictatorship debate.

Getting rid of whatever dictator will not solve world food costs. The West steal just as much as those dictators.