Leaving Hong Kong

It's been a long time since I last cried. I'm not even sure if remarkable is the right word. It's tough to be relieved and calm when others around you are sad and hysterical.

Mental fatigue leading to physical pain. I guess everything has a first time. This is my problem... I try to heal all when I cannot. So glad to have friends like Frances and Carrie around, to give me a second of sanity when I've lost mine. Anger is just normal. I felt anger before. It's just that when I think about what the poor girl had to go through, I can't help but extend my hand. The fact that I've overcame sorrow and guilt so quickly meant that I also will have to help others overcome their sorrow and guilt. I was just trying to help. I have no anger - maybe because I no longer have sorrow and guilt? Anyway, I can only let them be. Feel what you want to feel and don't listen to those who want to tell you what to feel.

How funny... arriving just in time for the same departure. Love that feeling.

I wish Ben and Lawrence were in Hong Kong.

Now is the real time to stand up. All of us are trying to resume our normal lives. Hence we'll see how we cope with the newest change in our life.

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