Crash (Movie)

While I've seen quite a few movies lately due to my lack of busy time, I have only seen one worthy movie: Crash. As such, I will have a short paragraph dedicated to it.

The premise of Crash is very simple: racial discrimination could be what it looks like but could be not what it looks like. You know, I can't even really type about it because the movie is such a simple one. Go see it. I highly highly highly recommend it. It's written by the person who wrote "Million Dollar Baby," except that this script makes much more sense. It's an ensemble cast which means not one character becomes fully developed. Usually, I feel very unsatisfactory with this type of movie - characters played by good actors but never have the moment to really shine. But in Crash, I was very happy with what little time each character was given.

Go see it. While I can talk about racial discrimination all day in an email and bore you to death, seeing the movie is a much more powerful tool. I guess we discriminate against many people all the time... with or without reason. The key is how we deal with it when such circumstance actually happens.

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