Men are from Mars

"Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus"
This book is a gift from Kaleen... presumably to tell me that I need to learn more about her and the female animal in general. I found it to be the pinnacle of irony!haha. In the first few pages, the books says "men and women are different... men don't like to read self improvement books and believe it is a waste of time." I almost wanted to just stop there. haha. A few chapters later, it indicates that "Men do not like to be criticized directly." Instead, the women should "use less direct methods to criticize men." At this point, I'm flipping over my stomach and calling Kaleen, accusing her of using a less direct way to directly criticize me. Anyway, I then found that I did the wrong thing because the book says "women criticize became they love their men; any brush back would be viewed as unloving." Man, I am totally stuck.

Anyway... would I recommend the book? Yes and No. You can guess what's the No? NO TO MEN! Enjoy the read. A load of bull crap but could be funny if you can "apply" many of the warnings/suggestions to your own relationship.

For example, when Kaleen asks if I know my directions to xyz, I say "the book you gave me to criticize me indicats that you should not ask me if I know the directions. That implies that you do not trust me and that would really upset me. Instead, you should have said 'I want to get to xyz on time.' If you said that, according to the book, I will take it on as a challenge to not get lost and get you to your destination in time no matter what it takes. I might even look at a map because I don't want to disappoint you." At this point, she is rolling her eyes and don't ask anymore.

Good stuff.

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