The Road to...

Railroad to Lhasa Posted by Picasa
This picture sort of reflects my sentiments for school right now: long, continuous, and an existing destination that I have yet to see. Today is the second to last day in orientation and school will start in a couple of days. I'm pretty sure the rails aren't going to be straight for me, but at least I can aspire for such a road and make it happen.


Anonymous said...

You're all metaphorical and stuff when you're not using SAS.

- EK

sindy said...

mr. mba-2b:
lemme reassure you that your rail will be straighter than ppl doing phds, like me.

Anonymous said...

just to re-iterate that I really like this picture from the aesthetic angle of the focus of perspective... literally, this road leads onto a broad horizon, (probably like the metaphorically purpose of grad school)... then why does it matter if it is straight or not? Just enjoy the journey!