Wedding Crasher...

Man, I've never laughed so hard in my life... okay, rephrase: I've haven't laughed so hard in my life for a long long time! Excellent movie except for the last 10 to 20 minutes when they ran out of jokes and made it a chick flick. But that's okay. Hilarious movie.

The theaters were showing Crash (Movie that explores racism) again. I love that movie. Absolutely positively love it. Go see it.

Off to White Sox game now. Yup, that's right: baseball games are part of orientation!

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Anonymous said...

i am desperately trying to figure out the title of the song and the artist of one of the songs in the movie wedding crashers. it is playing when owen wilson and his "girlfriend" are pacing back and forth in their pajamas trying to decide if they should go talk to each other. i have looked at the movie albulm, but don't think it is on there. if anyone can please help me, i would appreciate it!!! please email me at