Queen of the Rings

Her engagement ring covers her finger. Nice.

The ensuing discussion with a friend concluded that "we need to find gals who aren't just looking for rich people (RP) to marry" (we being the NRP and all)

The ensuing discussion from that ensuing discussion concluded that "limitations in social circle does not create limitations in choice of marriage"... or, in English, "Even though you hang out with RP only, you may still be 'able' to choose a NRP to marry"

And the hilarious part is my argument. Hey, I'm apparently learning from my MBA...
1. I am a NRP.
2. ABC is a RP and hangs out with mostly RP.
ABC will not reject me due to my NRP status.
4. I am the "worst" NRP
ABC knows.
Conclusion: There exists a chance where
ABC will date/marry a "worse" NRP.

So among our circle of friends, my friend and I came to the ultimate conclusion that the situation isn't that desperate, that not all the people we know from Boston date money... anyway, whatever.

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