Once a day...

Sometimes it can be rather challenging to find something to post at 330am. I'm doing this because I pledged so.

Ah, pollution. I felt dizzy going out on the streets. Maybe this is why the economy is booming. KEEP THEM IN THE SHOPS!

WTO meetings are rolling around. Security is heightened. I hope my Korean classmates won't be mistaken for Korean protestors. The news says the Hong Kong police have GLUED the bricks on the pavements so the protestors cannot throw them at the police. Good tactic. Good tactic. Korean protestor leader (why are they getting a bad rap anyway? there are many more other protestors!) responds: since they glued the bricks, we will find another way to protest, maybe a way never used before. HMMMMM...

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Anonymous said...

My suggestion:

Glue the police to the protesters and throw bricks at both.

- EK