About to give up on HSBC

It's mid-April, aka TMUDIATWWTAF.

What? You don't know what that is?

The Most Unnecessary Day in America that We Want to Avoid Forever.

That's right, it's tax day for most Americans! Me being in Hong Kong, that doesn't mean I don't have to pay taxes. In fact, it means that I have to make extra efforts to make sure that I file taxes correctly given the different tax laws. Oh, and I have to do the same for Hong Kong tax day as well... except that it will only be a four page form that takes no more than 10 minutes to fill in. Instead, I'm stuck with Turbo Tax trying to find the definition of "bona fide residence" and "state residence" to see if what my filing status should be.

(Josekin's note: I still don't know... but I'm going to fill in the form such that I get the most money back... IRS, are you reading this? I'm just kidding. Just kidding, you hear me?)

Back to my returns. I've earned interest in Hong Kong through my HSBC savings account in Hong Kong... so I called them to find out how much interest I earned in 2007. No problem, they can fetch the data out from a database. And it will cost me HKD$150.

WHAT!? I don't think I even HAVE $150 in interests last year thanks to HSBC's 1% or so interest rates. WTF!?

Can I download all my statements in 2007? No, you can only download the last two months.

Okay, then maybe I should just give up on your bank.

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