On Motivation...

I never imagined blogging being so difficult!? I've had two posts in the last month or so! There is so much happening in the world and I have so little to blog about... actually, I have a lot in my mind. Just no time to share.

Instead of saying "You shouldn't be so CCTV" in China (CCTV being the Communist Party mouthpiece), the common phase is now "You shouldn't be so CNN." I have many thoughts on Tibet, a place where I would love to go back and spend even more time there as a spiritual tourist. Looks like that won't be in the near future. Here are some of my travel logs from Tibet. Hm... I even had thoughts on it! More on this at another time.

On motivation. Two weeks ago, I was involved in a meeting where I had no business being in. I was asked to do a list of stuff as a result of the meeting, and I was definitely not thrilled about it. In fact, I felt a bit duped. I did what I had to and got the shit done and I thought that was that. Not quite. More requests come my way. Anyway, in an effort to get out of these unwanted obligations, I went to the higher ups to see how I can get out of it.

It was not to be. The higher ups first praised my efforts for helping in the first place even though I didn't have to and provided a set of very compelling reasons on why I should continue to help.

Well, with this new set of reasons, I'm suddenly much more motivated to help. I was again involved in the same meeting where I (originally) had no business being in. Very different ending though, as I was psyched to help and eager to please.

And that's why the higher ups are the higher ups. Motivation. That's all it is.

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Anonymous said...

motivation...that's hilarious... :D

I'm dealing with endless shit too. :(