Facebook, why do you do this?

Hmmm... interesting phenomenon. So, last night, on Facebook, I decided to make certain things more private... such as my relationship status, religious views, what gender I am interested in, what kind of contacts I want to meet, etc. So this is what FB decides to do... it shows the following on the bulleting board (to all my friends and network):
  1. "Josekin edited Looking For and Interested In in his profile."
  2. "Josekin edited Hometown and Religious Views in his profile."
  3. "Josekin is no longer listed as in a relationship."
#1 and #2 are quite clear. I changed certain elements in my profile. #3 just left me scratching my head.

First of all, while "no longer listed" is correct (that's what I wanted), it shows a broken heart symbol beside the message. Hmmm.. why would one be heart broken when all he or she wants is more privacy...?

Second, during the edit process, Facebook tells me that I have to leave "Status" blank in order to not show the listing.

Third... I forgot just now. Needless to say, I immediately hear from PNGF that I've created the biggest annoyance on Earth, whereby Facebook fanatics are asking her on FB or calling her to ask what's happened. I received one message (and now I know who actually uses FB too much, haha). More needless to say, "Josekin is listed as in a relationship" now.

Anyway, is this how low Facebook has sunk? It's becoming a gossip column where it creates these fictional rumors so its users can further connect on it. Apparently, this has happened to my friend who de-listed that she is married, then had friends calling her to find out when she had a divorce...

How can I complain to FB? I can't find an opinion link.


mk said...

So, I THINK, that you can delete any of these "mini-feed" stories as soon as you do them. If you go to your profile page and in your mini-feed it says "Josekin changed his status on FB", there is an X that says "hide story". Now, I don't know if that means it hides it only from YOU or from everyone else. It's worth an experiment. I've been living in the illusion that it deletes it from the world... but now I'm not so sure.

J said...
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Laughing Man said...

LOL, this is more a people problem than a Facebook error. Sure, FB had a brain fart, but if people interacted more with each other instead of staring at a computer screen all day, this would be a lot less complicated.

How do you think all those stupid internet myths/legends (i.e. "don't reuse plastic bottles", "Neiman Marcus cookie recipe") get spread around. People spend too much time with the internet, and end up believing whatever they see.

So yes, that's what our world has become.

cheryl said...

u can hide... mine never show =)

Anonymous said...

this is exactly what happened to me too! my relatives were calling to see if i really got divorced! and like you said, i was just trying to unlist everything! so dumb.