Getting ready for Olympics...

Well, as some of you may know, the Chinese are getting ready for the Beijing Olympics. No, really, they are. There's an Olympic in Beijing this year. Big event.

Among the drastic measures taken to make sure the Olympics go "smoothly"... the Chinese have decided:
  • Tighten visa signing process (unlike our friendly Aussies 8 years ago, who relaxed the visa signing into a pure online process - by the way, they beat Beijing for the 2000 Olympics
  • Halt all construction work in and around Beijing... since a few months ago
  • Halt some factory production... or move those factories away from Beijing
And my personal favorite:
  • Allow odd number plate cars to drive on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while even number plate cars can drive on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Besides emission problems, there's also a problem of people smoking and also a lack of personal space. So I also suggest the following:
  • For people with Chinese IDs that end in odd numbers, you may only leave home on MWF. While you can leave home on those days, you may not smoke on those days. You can smoke, at home, TThuS. The reverse is true for those with Chinese IDs that end in even numbers
  • By the way, the story behind the Chinese ID is fascinating. It has 18 digits and is a code that contains just about all the information about you...
I'm not done with suggestions:
  • Any male should not be allowed to leave their homes on MWF. They are allowed to smoke only on weekends
  • Any female should not be allowed to leave their homes on TTh (Sat is okay because there are less females in China's population). They are not allowed to smoke in order to protect the infants.
Ah, a much improved China.


Laughing Man said...

Your suggestion is perfect for a cheating husband, who will be allowed to leave the house while his wife is not.

Faisal said...

I would also like to add a no-spitting rule on any weekday. Weekend spitting would be ok, as long as the pre-spitting, throat-clearing hacking was minimized as much as possible.

Josekin said...

Without the hacking, how will you make the athletic move to avoid the trajectory motion?

Kwun said...

I think by now you'd know that odd/even number plate cars drive on odd/even number dates, not day of week?