Mother of all cliff hangers...

My god Lost season 3 just ended on a ridiculously good cliff hanger. I've tolerated the show through its first 2 seasons because of the Momento similarities and the generally okay plots. But Season 3 has just turned the whole show around. Wow.

Anyway, I wanted to make a quick comparison on why I like Lost much better than other conspiracy dramas such as 24, Prison Break, and Heroes (Note: I'm still in love with Law & Order, CSI, and other gruesome detective shows).
  • 24 was novel for the 1st season. Real time TV! Who would have thought. Anyway, by season 2 the side plots and general stupidity among CTU agents, government bureaucracy, and bad guys was just too much to overcome. At the end of season 2, when President Palmer was poisoned through a handshake (Note to bad guys: there are much better ways to assassinate a president if you are that good at it already), I lost interest.
  • Prison Break. First season was phenomenal. I did wonder outloud though: once they break out, there wouldn't be a season 2 or 3... and of course the producers had it in for us: we'll put them in another prison! Season 2 (the escaping act) deteriated quickly as all the characters started to drop like flies. Season 3... I won't dignify it with more than a sentence. Ops, I almost did.
  • Heroes. Save the cheer leader, save the world. Great plot to bring different fractions of the story together and having the audience put the plot together for them and keep everybody's attention. Season 2 was a downer due to the strike, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in season 3.
However... in the mean time, Lost Season 4!!!


shmoo said...

I watched the last episode of season 3 with a room full of GSBers. Good times. Season 4 was much better than 2 and 3 had been.

I only watched season 1 of 24, so it looks like I jumped off at the right time.

I thought even season 1 of Heroes ended really badly, so I don't think the strike had anything to do with it. I pretty much gave up in the middle of season 2, though I still stuck it out until the end of the season.

Finally... you keep spelling Memento wrong.

Faisal said...

Dude, don't remind me about LOST. We still have to wait another MONTH before the thing comes back on here for the new season. It is by far the most intelligent, creative, and intriguing show on TV in years. Did you ever check out the fake websites that the show created? You can go on to Oceanic Air's website, or the Dharma Initiative's website to check out clues. And then there are things like using tie-ins with Amazon - you can purchase copies of the obscure books that Sawyer spends time reading while relaxing on the beach. Love it!

24 and Heroes? I stopped watching Heroes after Season 1, when I realized they were just ripping off X-Men. 24 took a little longer to wean, but eventually I got tired of Jack Bauer running around yelling at people.