Two Downtown Conversations in New York

Conversation #1
Tourist: Hey, man, what's going on there? (Pointing at a parade two blocks away)
Josekin: (sigh) That's the parade for the Yankees
Tourist: Oh, wow, I love the Yankees. Thanks! (Happily trots over to the parade)
Josekin: (Shaking head - man, I hate the Yanks and their "fans")

Conversation #2
Food truck guy: Hey, Chinese man, you work around here?
Josekin: No, I live near here.
Food truck guy: Aw, damn, Chinese man rich!
Josekin: No, my fiance pays the rent.
Food truck guy: Really? High five!

Speaking of which, did you know LeBron James is a whining Yankee fan? How can he be a Yankee fan?


The Pretender said...

What kind of NBA fan are you? How do you not know LBJ has been given a lot of sht for being both a Yankee fan and a Cowboys fan? Guess he just likes dynasties.

Don't forget lunch on 13th

Josekin said...

Of course I knew! It's just a point to make. Almost went to the Knicks game until some a-hole who was supposed to sell me tickets disappeared.

I have Nov 13 marked.