Last Hurrah

Well, if there was any doubt what I like most in life, my last few weeks in the US seems to have confirmed it.

Food: Vietnamese sandwich from Saigon Cafe, pho from Nha Trang, bo lah lut from Thai Son, sushi from Yasuda, pastrami sandwich from Katz, pie from Artichoke, burger and shake from Shake Shack, brunch from Clinton Street, steak from Del Frisco's, sloppy joe from Millburn Deli, oreo ice cream sandwich from Bandera, deep dish pizza from Borcino's, and my own cooking of 沙茶牛肉, 腐乳通菜, 糖醋排骨

Photography: all the food above, walking on the Brooklyn Bridge, hike in Harriman

Entertainment: In the Height (musical), MET, Knicks game, Jets game, Patriots game, This is It, 2012, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Book of Basketball, SuperFreakenomics, work out, Heroes, Flashforward, and other TV series

Work: slides on how to buy diamonds, slides on the online travel industry in China, and thoughts on marketing a country overseas

That about sums it up through empirical data, whereby I am pressed for time and I can only do the things I like most. Food, photography, and outdoors first, then sports and various senses stimulating entertainment (to different degrees)


Kwun said...

thoughts on marketing a country overseas? which one? to which market?

btw, try for bypassing the GFW. usd59/year.

hedonist said...

Hey, can I have your slides on how to buy diamonds?

Josekin said...

Of course! Just email me!