Reviewing 2009...

I don't do new year resolutions. But I do do old year reviews. 2009, chronologically:
  • Worked case in Shanghai
  • Worked case in Hong Kong
  • Took Leave of Absence
  • Went to NYC
  • Took photography lessons
  • Learned to cook again (not heating up, cooking)
  • Visited Toronto
  • Bought laptop
  • Moved to bigger apartment
  • Took photography lessons
  • Learned a new dish
  • Visited Seattle
  • Visited Vancouver
  • Visited Boston (it's the summer... I travel when the weather is good... and when I have a case that I have to travel for)
  • Quit Bain
  • Bought engagement ring... ouch!
  • Proposal accepted at Grand Canyon... woo hoo!
  • Met in-laws at LA... woo... hoo?
  • Found wedding ceremony location
  • Found wedding reception location
  • Visited SF
  • Moved to smaller apartment
  • Took photography class x2
  • Musical
  • Attended first NFL game
  • Went to Beijing
  • Went back to Hong Kong
  • Started my own company
  • Completing my first client update (currently waiting for client to get off the phone)
Fruitful, I'd say. Looking forward to 2010.


shmoo said...

Does your company have a website. Hopefully not josekin dot com...

siu said...

Happy New Year!!! let's catch up in 2010 :P

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Josekin,

After a long long "vacation", I am in HK now but not sure what exactly my career will look like here. But I did enjoy my free time to practise my photography skills (like u did), get married, and travel around to see my family. Sharing some recent photos with u here:

Congratulations on your engagement and let's get together sometime to discuss photography skills :)