My quest for mobile data

Here's what I want: a mobile device with a QWERTY keyboard with a plan with some minutes and lots of data usage. I want to sync my Google email, contacts, and calender to make my life mobile and easy. Oh, and I want to be cheap about everything cus I'm not earning a Bain salary anymore. Haha.

Here's my quest... a 90% failure:
  • Stage 1: 2nd hand Blackberry Curve 8350 for HKD 1000. Since I gave back my Blackberry to Bain, and BBs have the best QWERTY keyboards, Yahoo Auction served its purpose
  • Stage 2: Cheap phone/data plan from TDML for HKD 600 (6 month contract). Well, I've worked for telco clients and TDML is the best value. For only USD13 a month, I get 1,200 minutes and 1,000 MB. Deal!
UH-OH!!! The data plan from TDML doesn't support BB phone!! Fudge!!
  • Stage 3: Research time! I can salvage the situation with China Mobile's Blackberry plan for HKD 80 a month...
UH-OH!!! The 2nd hand phone doesn't work with China Mobile...! The phone is locked by the previous owner!! Fudge!!
  • Stage 4: Another 2nd hand Blackberry 8310 for HKD 500. While trying to contact the original seller via Yahoo Auctions, my friend KC has a spare one to sell
UH-OH!!! That one doesn't work with China Mobile either, despite KC's assurance it was okay! Fudge!!
  • Stage 5: With a "fixed phone", I finally got the China Mobile plan for HKD 1000 (12-month plan). This includes all PUSH email and no browsing
UH-OH!!! The no browsing part means I can't Sync, or so CM service people tell me. Fudge!!
  • Stage 6: According to the 3rd sales rep, I can add a HKD 98 monthly plan to get browsing!
UH-OH!!! There's no browser on my phone right now and nobody is sure if it can be installed! Fudge!!

So... after HKD 1500 in TWO phones and HKD 1600 in TWO mobile plans, I'm still can't get my Sync to work... and I'm looking at another HKD 1200 to get what I want. UGH.

Well, on the brighter side, had I bought a new BB with a new plan with more minutes and more data, it would still cost me more.

But the trouble is too much already. And I'm commited to more trouble! UGH!


Justin said...

What the hell??

OK. One thing I've learned is that competent BB service doesn't come cheap. I used to use Smartone, the service was great, but it cost an arm and a leg without mobile data and no voice minutes. Currently, I use PCCW, with this deal:

1 Year Contract
$298 per month
600 minutes
10MB Blackberry data
3 months free

I admit I totally signed up because of the 3 free months. So I'm supposed to be paying for 9 months of service but getting 12. Though I later found out that PCCW's roaming charges are crazy (maybe they all are).

Oh, and I must also mention that PCCW's reception sucks, but that's not news. I just didn't think it would be as bad as it is (my Dad used PCCW and never complained).

Also, my Blackberry is from Smartone on a PCCW network, so when something funky happened to it, neither PCCW or Smartone was willing to admit it was their fault (the "status" got stuck on "roaming"). So I'm not sure where to repair it if something more serious happens.

一分錢一分貨, and if your business relies on this, it is sometimes prudent to just pony up the cash ;)

Josekin said...

haha... will post abt the results...