Results are in - quest for mobile data

I compromised (See what being cheap means: lost time and efforts... and sanity at times). In the end, I decided even with no synching of contacts and calendars, I got what I want... which was emails and IM.

So here are the results (all unit in HKD):
  • $1000 2nd hand blackberry phone on $13 monthly plan for 6 months; includes enough voice and data (will try to borrow phone that can browse internet from friend)
  • $500 2nd hand blackberry phone on $12 monthly plan for 12 months; includes unlimited emails and IM (eventually will add voice/data and replace the aforementioned 6 month plan)
I was being cheap... damn I miss a salary from Bain!


Justin said...

Where did you purchase your 2nd hand BB phones? I'm looking for an old one that has 3G.

Josekin said...

Yahoo Auction

Justin said...


I'm looking at a used 8707g for exclusive use in Japan and Korea. Still not sure if this is a great idea. I could spurge and get a Bold 9700, but on second thought, no.