Awful restaurant...

Okay, I found a restaurant that sank lower than Aquavit (see experience during restaurant week a while ago).

It's an establishment called SML in Times Square. SML stands for Small Medium Large, which are sizes available for all their dishes. I think the owners had this in mind:
  • Shitty deal
  • Medium shitty deal
  • Large shitty deal
Anyway, the food was acceptable in general. It was my second visit (I knew I shouldn't have gone in... but I had a good reason, see below)

Mom and I arrived at SML at 9pm, after all other restaurants in Times Square had a line outside (9pm!). The server showed us an outdoor space that looked quite comfy... sure, we'll sit there. 1. I need food. 2. It has a nice breeze.

You have to place your order inside (they can't serve people in open space, which is not part of the restaurant). Fine. We ordered two pasta and a dessert. The dessert came within a minute. Doesn't make sense, but it can sit and wait for the pasta, I guess. Mom's pasta came (okay, a bit salty) first, and we waited for mine. And waited. And waited. I told mom to go ahead and eat hers first. Went back to the cashier to ask about the pasta. He said must have lost the order and went to the kitchen to hurry it up. 10 minutes later, I'm still waiting. So I canceled the order, wolfed down the dessert, and left. No real food in my stomach, I lost all my appetite.

It's Friday, and all I want is a decent meal with my mom, and SML ruined it. I will never go back there ever.


chaubella said...

hmm.. you should've gone with your instinct. and secondly, you lost me at pasta. =P

Justin said...

My experience at SML was considerably better than yours.

In any case, you've inspired me to write about my recent shitty restaurant experience (at a fairly reputable place none the less). Stay tuned.