It's been a while since I've seen a really good Hong Kong movie. This award winning film (Crystal Bear at Berlin Film Fest) would qualify in the really good club. I love the simple story being manifested in the most simple and subtle ways. Simple, like how the family had to physically keep their home together through the typhoon (hurricane, for you Americans). Subtle, like the the communication of the whole street was through one phone in the garment shop, or like how the tree trunk is used as a table during dinner. Nothing over the top. Just life.

And so life keeps going on, and you just keep faith.

A special thanks to the actors who did a magnificent job, especially the mother and the younger son. Impeccable performances.

The movie almost died midway due to insufficient funds... and now it's going to make a lot of money due to the award and the curiosity caused. So my question is, why did it have to be an award for a movie to be recognized and rightfully profit from its hard work? Should the "goodness" of the movie be able to help it sell tickets in the first place?

Sigh, Hong Kong.


Justin said...

I saw the preview for this movie way too many times on the Now TV movie trailer channel. It just didn't catch my eye. I didn't feel like watching this movie at all. Now that it's won the award, I'm mildly interested, but will still wait for DVD instead.

I guess I'd much rather watch another PTU movie (even though the ones after the first were kind of not as good).

siu said...

it was really really really good!! I love how simple the story was... the first time the plot wasn't planning a "twist" at the end...