A simple dream: I was crying hard and sobbing in a corner of a room. Body trembling and shaking. And I couldn't move. The room was Vicky's place (I was dreaming on her sofa, so it seemed extremely real to me). I was pleading for help from a person also standing in the room. But I cannot remember who the person was. It was either Vicky or Charlotte. The nightmare was very real. When I woke up I was very upset... but Vicky said I was just sleeping there. I was almost convinced that I was indeed unable to move in the corner of her room. Anyway, that was my dream.

My question: do these mean anything? Does this mean I need help? Does it mean that the two girls I suspect to be in my dream I am desperate to get help from? Because, I admit, I am very disappointed on how them two have treated me. And of course a question I might have asked before: do crazy people know that they are crazy? do depressed people know that they are depressed? Here's the bottom line: if I can think about all these, does that mean I've understood it better? I may not have an answer, but I clearly have thought of the problem and I'm dealing with it.

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