Green Hat!? No way.

Picture from St Patrick's Day. They tried to force me to wear a green hat. I compromised. To my Caucasian friends: wearing a green hat is a big no no in Chinese culture. Anyway, I found my brows looking like my goatee. Someone commented that I don't have pictures, so I'm adding this one!

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CJ Lam said...

It's a good look for you, Eric. :)
See you in a few weeks??


meghaks said...

What's the rationale behind the green hat phenomena? You were pretty adamant about not putting it on...

Josekin said...

In the Chinese language, a guy/gal is "wearing a green hat" when his/her husband/wife is committing adultery.

Anonymous said...

are you sure it's not just a hk/cantonese thing? dont recall mainland ppl using that term.

'd be interesting to find out the origin of the green hat :)