Some of the highlights:
Nicole Kidman - always stunning; Ben Stiller - HILARIOUS!; Naomi Watts - wow; Its hard out here for a pimp - rappers "saying" thank you; Zhang Ziyi - she's so cute; Jennifer Gartner - this is evil, but I wish she did fall down... ; Uma Thurman - there's something about that smile; Dustin Hoffman - always liked his improvs; Jack Nicholson - time to take medicine, dude.

Undoubtedly, Brokeback Mountain and Crash were the talk of the Oscars. I find this years Oscars to be one of the best in the last few years. I mean, Gladiator as Best Picture!? Anyway, back to our stars this year.

Brokeback Mountain... I don't know if I discussed this on my blog, but I really liked the movie. Calling it a "Gay Cowboy" movie is such a shame. Dare I say that it transcends sexual orientation... the movie is about love and the obstacles that (cannot) prevent people from loving. Unfortunately, ignorance is always among us.

Speaking of ignorance, I have ro re-re-re-recommend Crash. I remember watching it with my girlfriend and I was so moved by the movie that I am still talking about it now - almost a year later! Anyway, regardless of the debate of "Brokeback vs. Crash," I think Crash is by far the more important film of the two.

A couple of comments: I agree with Best Director and Best Picture. Brokeback Mountain was done stunningly. Is that a word, by the way? I hope that Crash will be shown more often to generations to come. It deserves Best Picture. And the general theme of this years' Oscars seems to be the politically charged films that were nominated. Clearly, current world affairs have really led to production of these films. While the Vietnam Wars led to a bunch of war movies discussing the moral of wars and the men in it, the last fews years (post-911, post-Bush re-election, current-phobia) have finally let to some films that are more critical of what is happening in the world.

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