"I'm feeling a bit gassy today"

Ah, the dilemma in life.

What should I, as the driver, do when one of my passengers says "I'm feeling a bit gassy today"?
Open the window in sub-zero Chicago weather?
Kick him or her off the car?
"Hold it in, damn it!"?

Somewhere, there is a business story to be told. (Thank you GSB.) Clearly my passenger knew before he or she enter my car that there was a problem by saying "today." Clearly the problem has already surfaced, or else he or she would not have stated his or her (ALRIGHT, it's a HE. HE. HE. HE. I'm sick of this he or she stuff) problem. Clearly this is something that probably can only be slightly contained. Not too clear is how bad the problem is...

What could have been done differently?
"Manage expectations" - tell the boss (me the driver) of the problem before it comes out (pardon the pun).
"Expect the worst" - don't say "a bit"... say "very" in case it comes out worse than you thought
"Refer to the problem" - including "I" may cause personal attacks.
"Offer solution" - even if its impossible, at least it seems genuine.

Solution: "Sorry, my isn't working well today. It is going to be a rough ride home today. I don't mind taking the train home by myself."

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