Family Dinner

There's not quite an English phase that spells 幸福. Here are some of the words I can think of: satisfying, gratifying, happy, fulfilling...

So last night my friends and I had a family dinner at one of our homes. Why? Ironically, one is to cheer me up, and the other is that we have two birthdays to celebrate! Anyway, two of us made most of the dinner. I did the dishes. It was a funny feeling where all six of us where sitting around the table, feeling the full effects of food coma, and then moving over to the TV set to catch the latest shows, only to be so bored that we again chatted about life.

That is 幸福. It's that simple. It's that easy. =)

J commented that my life is blue. Not true. Lately, I blog when I am blue. And now, I blog when I feel 幸福 as well.

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