"死, 要死的其所."
"你為甚麼不擋...?" "(因為) 這樣你就信了."

I watched the movie again. Will explain why in a minute. Anyway, rediscovered how a beautiful language Chinese is. Here are two memorable quotes. And, if you know Chinese, a bit closer to my heart.

After finishing my internship, I had to move out of the corporate apartment. I foolishly did not ask for more nights (beforehand, I felt bad asking in the last week since I do have a home to go to), haha! Anyway, I moved back to my parents... they are in the Phillippines right now, so I have all the space for myself. Since poker night (more on that later) started at 9, I decided to stick any DVD in our new 50 inch TV - dad had commented that he's never used the DVD machine; so I was determined to check it out. =)


Poker night was a productive one. I took a cute friend of mine to the game since she loves to gamble and she has never played poker. I taught her some basics (Yup, I consider her the second student of mine) and started the cash game. The fellas were obviously pleased. And both of us won money at the end. Good times all around.

I also drove from home to Happy Valley to Kowloon to Kowloon Tong to Cheung Kwan O to North Point to home. If you know Hong Kong, you'll appreciate how much distance I covered. Anyway, driving is still a very convenient thing even in HK where cabs are cheap... maybe I will buy a car at some point.

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