Whenever I feel sad, distressed, stressed, frustrated, etc etc, I seem to get very busy at everything I do. Take now for example, it's 1:30 am and I'm typing a blog at home. I just got home about half an hour ago from work, my second night in a row working pass midnight. And I have a breakfast meeting at 8am this morning. Anyway, it did get me wondering about the correlation.

Being occupied is nice when you are having emotional problems. The brain doesn't have to think about the sad stuff and focuses on the task at hand.

This isn't a very organized blog. Um... I was thinking whether I deliberately make myself busy.

Then I thought more.

And more.

Oh... this is how it works: mind isn't focused on anything in particular, not even work, it's wandering around, and it takes longer to do everything... until things need to be done. I guess it's better to not be distressed.


hedonist said...

Have you tried Sudoku? I find it helpful to play Sudoku when I feel depressed or stressed out.

Josekin said...

Excellent idea!