Chris Mihm plays

Man, the moment I mentioned Chris Mihm... he actually played THREE minutes in the NBA finals!! (??) THREE MINUTES! That's like subbing me for the boys who mop the floor and have to be quick enough to vacate the premise when a fast break comes the other way. And I'm not even fast enough for those... I'm truly perplexed by the Zen Master.

And then I get this from PNGF: "hey, mihm is playing!" She now knows 6 players on the Lakers, plus the coach.

Oh, and she knows Pierce, Kevin, Posey, and that guy who was in a movie with Denzel. However, she doesn't know Paul, Garnett, James, and Ray Allen.

A friend of mine messaged me the other day: you've been blogging a lot lately! Well... I've always wanted to blog more since I have many silly thoughts. I just don't have time or I don't gather my silly thoughts in one place. Will try and improve for sure.

Let me remind myself blog about Facebook and birthdays next time... next time.


chaubella said...

i know how much you appreciate bullet point format, so here goes:

1) i have good news for you... the lakers won!
2) don't be jealous that i'm on a first name basis with kevin =P
3) i know it's been awhile, but don't make me RK you...
4) i know ray allen =)


Laughing Man said...

Whoa Celtics!

Here's what I do. Whenever a blog topic comes to mind, I jot it down in my Blackberry for future use.