This is how you do it

It being analyzing a media report. This article highlights the importance of being educated and informed before you jump to conclusions. I understand it is human nature to gather as little information as possible to make the right decision (I'm sorry, I meant it is consultant nature). The key word being right. And sometimes, you just need to dig a little deeper.

Poor Hilary (by the way, I'm excited about Obama, though slightly worried. His experience reminds me of GW's experience when he ran for his first term) can't win. I think she heard the question multiple times and then decided to be prudent and added "as far as I know". This is like my boss asking me if I'm sure the growth is 10%.

Boss: Is the growth 10%?
Me: Yes, it is. I validated it with industry experts, competitive interviews, and third party data source.
Boss: So you are sure it is 10%?
Me: Yes.
Boss: There's no way it isn't 10%? Can it be 12%?
Me: as far as I can tell from all the research, yes, it is 10%

(The above is a fictional conversation, please continue to hire consultants)

Be informed before you pass judgment.

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Good to know...I read urs too.. =D