Food face off 2: pizza version

A while ago, I did a head to head with Katz and Millburn Deli. It wasn't that fair of a comparison because they do offer different things. Di Fara and Grimaldi's is a fair and square comparison.

See my review on Di Fara, where I called it the Pizza Mecca in Pizza Mecca. Hmmm... just thinking about it makes me want to take that 45 minute subway ride. Almost...

By the way, no line at 2:45pm, although the bake wait was another 45 minutes.

Now contrast that to the line at Grimaldi's (Time was much earlier... though when we left at 2:30pm it seemed longer). Madness under the Brooklyn Bridge!
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Alas, the line doesn't determine the quality of the food. And Di Fara wins hands down. I feel kind of bad for those who travel all the way (most of the line on Sunday were tourists) to New York and then think they have had the best pizza ever. Grimaldi's is good, but not great.

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catherine said...

I tried Grimaldi's and Lombardi's/John's my first year in nyc, never went back to any of them. I wish I had enough time to track down to Di Fara one more time...