The Wire

I finished Season One of The Wire today. Awesome TV show. Highly highly recommended for guys. Obviously I've never worked for the gang nor the police, but I thought the show was extremely realistic: somehow, it was able to "accurately" depict the delicate balance (read: politics) between the hood, the Baltimore police department, the courts, the city hall, the runners, the distributors, the drug dealers, the detectives, and the politicians.

There were only a few things I found a bit fishy (the dancer being turned and bringing a wire into the club!? No way.)... not that I would know. Haha. Great show - go watch it.

Anyway, couple of funny points:
  • I turned on the sub-titles cus I couldn't understand all the street talk; I didn't even know what a runner was.
  • PNGF wanted to watch the show together; I showed her the scene where two detectives worked the crime scene for 5 minutes and their conversation consisted of "Shit", "Fuck", "Motherfucker", "Fuck Me" and "FUCK!". She decline our next viewing.
  • Freakonomics has a nine part conversation with real gangsters that has to do with The Wire - fascinating reads
  • You know what... there's much more politics in a civilized society and it's quite complicated and frustrating; in the gangs, it's quite strict and you deal with the rogues quickly: drop 'em (okay, that wasn't funny)
By the way, reality TV is awful. I hate it. Let's have more real TV shows.


Laughing Man said...

I see your point about the stripper, Shardene. But you could say she was "hand picked" when the cops saw right away that she was a "good girl". And having her friend/colleague being murdered certainly contributed to her turning.

Ha ha ha you purposely showed her that scene so she wouldn't watch! Obviously that scene was meant to be a joke.

Have to warn you that season two is a little slow, but don't give up on the show.

Josekin said...

When was the last time "good girl/boy" was able to be a snitch? Bubs I can totally understand... but not Shardene. By the way, her friend ODed.

MooCow said...

Dude, I hear ya. We're on the fourth season. It's a great show, but I didn't understand anything that was going on in the first season. Drew was more hip to the lingo and was very considerate about translating for me. PS - I know lots of women who love the show, too.