Star Trek faces

I watched the latest Star Trek movie. Entertaining and exciting. Good action. Decent sci fi. Quite recommended.

During the movie, I kept recognizing faces but couldn't put any names to it. Actually, it's party of the beauty of watching action flicks. You don't have to pay attention to the movie and you can multi-task. So there I was, scanning through faces and paying some attention to the movie at the same time.
  • Spock was easy and well advertised. That's Sylar! PNGF thinks he's cute now. Please. Sylar has a eff-ed up personality - he'll change on you any time; nicely casted though. But... he's SYLAR!
  • I will never accept that Kumar is a terrorist in "24"; likewise, I will never accept that Harold is Sulu in Star Trek. Kumar will always be Kumar or Van Wilder. Harold will always be Harold or that guy who said MILF in American Pie. That's it. There should be no arguement over this.
Now for the ones that bugged me all night:
  • Spock's mom is the hot girl in "How to make an American quilt" (yes I saw that... sigh), except that now she looks about 50 years older. She also was caught stealing some time ago... couldn't get her name all night
  • McCoy... I've seen him. A different face of his floats in my mind. I think he was some assassin... he was also so ancient war lord... now he's a doctor on USS Enterprise. My head is about to explode. Oh, I think he played a character that started with an "E"... no idea who he is though
  • Nero. Man that face is so familiar... yet all the painting and darkness makes the name go away. At least this one I got mid way. That's Eric Bana! Wow!
Um... Spock's mom is Winona Rider. I can't believe I had to look her up. Same face, too old in the movie. What can I say. Now... McCoy: he was Eomer of Rohan in Lord of the Rings! Apparently he did play an assassin in one of the Bourne movies. Fascinating. Now wonder he bugged me all night. So I had an ancient warrior, a cold blood killer from the present, and a half dork doctor from the future and I'm trying to piece together the mystery.


The Pretender said...

I was kinda surprised at the quality cast that had very small roles. In addition to the names you mentioned, Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) was Scotty, Jennifer Morrison (from House) as Kirk's mother, Tyler Perry as one of the admirals.
I liked the movie, though I'm still really a TNG fan for the most part.

Josekin said...

Our generation are all TNG fans due to Captain Picard.