Brief conclusions

Well, I've talked about crazy interviews (first step and second step) and crazy mobile plans (first step and second step). Apparently, I'm the only one who is crazy:
  • Interview: I have a verbal offer - though HR is really evasive on what it actually is. Apparently, Bill Gates didn't notice that I WTFed him in my blog. Decisions, decisions, soon.
  • Mobile: I hawked a Google G1 from my friend. It's a thing of beauty even though I am 1 year behind in the technology. It syncs with everything (emails, contacts, calenders... that's all I ask!) and has a keyboard, exactly what I need...
I just have 2 extra BB phones and 1 extra BB plan now. LOL. Anyone?

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Justin said...

Ah... I just got my used 8707g for $350, but I'm guessing your two BBs aren't 3G anyways.